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This is an issue that is near to my heart…you can’t live in Phoenix, Arizona and say you’ve never known or do not know now someone who is an undocumented immigrant – I refuse & refute the term “illegal alien” or any of the other derogatory names people of hate use to defame the immigrants who come here looking for a better place to live.  A place free from famine.  A place that offers work (even though they as undocumented immigrants are often the only ones willing to do the work – and yet we always hear that they take jobs away from American citizens…bull=pucky…Americans don’t want those jobs)!

It follows along with Rep. Luis Gutierrez  (D. IL) in his personal fight for this important legislation.

I don’t want to take away from the power of this video.  It’s statements are so strong…just one last side note…I finally know where the wacko Republican running for president got his statement on calves the size of cantaloupes came from…As well as where with Paul Ryan as the NEW Speaker of the House will go on with this important issue!

Thoughtful Thursday…The Immigration Battle – PBS/Frontline Video