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The Lessons of Physical Therapy – NYTimes.com


Living in Arizona I remember sitting in my car 3 years ago when the program I was listening to was interrupted to announce the shooting in Tucson and that Gabby Giffords, one of our beloved state Congressional Representatives was among those who had been shot… I live in Phoenix but rushed home and turned on the tv to see the hundreds gathering outside her hospital with flowers and candles… Praying and singing for her.

It seemed so surreal – like something you would see on a tv show or in another state.  That didn’t happen here in Arizona and then news came of the others who had been shot… A little girl who was rushed to the hospital but later died of her injuries .. Others rushed to the hospital – surviving and those shot at the scene who did not make it.

And yet today, thru it all, Gabrielle Giffords and her husband Mark Kelly fight on… Harder and more determined than ever to win the war on gun violence!

We love you Gabby and Mark!

Below is the article from the NY Times written by none other than Gabrielle Giffords herself…