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What Happens After…


So, I was the front partner for CopperLeaf Treasures with a store on Etsy and Facebook, and author of this blog.  The silent partner has dropped away from the store and today I’m taking most of it down … but I’ve found my voice in this blog, so now I’m asking myself, “what happens after…”?

I am having a fun time sharing what interests me with others who are interested in the same things.  I may close down everything, but I do NOT want to give up this blog, so I am convinced that “what happens after…” is that I will continue to share, speak, and to have a voice on this blog.

I hope that “what happens after…” and in reading this blog (past, present & future) enlightens, entertains and educates.  I hope to learn and grow and write and have fun – and I think this avenue allows for all of that.  It’s not about social media, or specific things that people often write about in today’s “social media for $’s” but rather, I want to use this blog in a way I find to share what is important, relevant, and entertaining to me.

So, thank you to my silent partner for allowing me to create and write and I thank you for everything – all my love, forever!