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One of the 47%

Barack Obama

Barack Obama (Photo credit: jamesomalley)

Dear Gov. Romney,

I am one of the 47% who support President Barak Obama and I want to let you know that I work, pay my fair share of taxes & can see that you “writing us off” solidifies my opinion of you.

Knowing your philosphy that the “few” are who make everything possible for the “masses” (Ayn Rand) I should not be surprised…but of course you were talking to people you view as the “few” & therefore your true feelings were easily able to be expressed.

I was aware of your stumbles, failures, & overall lack when it comes to foreign affairs, but I hope the American people will now realize that you have nothing good to bring to We The People right here at home on our shores either.

You sir, have helped me create an entirely new category on my blog…Ticked-Off Tuesday…thanks a lot… no smiley face here…

To you who agree (or disagree)…Remember…no vote = no voice!

A registered voter