Featured Artist – David Michael Lawson


Yes, I’m prejudiced… He is my uncle, but I have been in love with what he’s able to capture with his lens. Ck out a couple of my favorites. All of his photos are from my hometown of Holland Michigan, and surrounding areas. (Another reason for my fan ship.) Holland is located on the western side of the state, and as you might be able to surmise was settled by the Dutch immigrants. My mom was full 1st generation Dutch American (Lord & Ancestry.com know what my Daddy & Uncle are) So, I’ve taken to filling in race as Dutch American…why not, right? I’m 50%…~~Giggles~~

Lake Michigan before the storm. (Approx 2 1/2 hours north of Chicago, Illinois. It’s less than an hour from Grand Rapids, Michigan *not to be confused with any of those other Grand Rapids pretenders out there*)

Sanctuary Woods Park, Holland, Michigan

Holland is filled with little parks, and walks and who can deny us our Tulip Festival every May…Holland, Michigan is one of the largest tulip growers destinations… Think that’s why the Dutch chose this land to settle.

What do you think?

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