Featured Artist – Waynes Old Time Radio – YouTube


I am going to be going thru a challenging medical period in my life and in the course of helping a friend find a distraction in listening to stories that didn’t cost a fortune, $1 or $2 dollars at a time, I remembered the old mysteries and thrillers and even comedies I’d hear late at night when I was just 17 or 18 years old, riding in a semi from Michigan out to New York (once again a story for another time). I loved them and I’ve hunted for them over the years but they stopped broadcasting them, and I did not realize how very much I’ve have missed them…

Here’s a station I found on YouTube called Waynes Old Time Radio. His collection of Old Time Radio is big; but, I found one of my favorites –  Philip Marlowe, well what woman could resist a man that had that loner, “hard-boiled” edge to him? First heard of in Raymond Chandler’s The Big Sleep. He was a man that every woman from the age of twenty to sixty knew she had just what he needed, and yet none of them really did.

I hope you enjoy this feature – Philip Marlowe “The Big Step”,


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