Favorite Quotes Series… No.  8 Abraham Lincoln


Given the nature of one of our Presidential candidates here in the U.S. Presidential campaign 2016, this quote seemed to be more than a little appropriate. 

Statements such as (not verbatim) 1) we need to implement ‘Stop and Frisk’ in more cities 2) thoughts on prisons: privatize, keep the prisoners in who are currently incarcerated 3) the Wisconsin Sherrif David Clarke  who believes the protestors act on “The Law of the Jungle” & is a ‘Law and Order Sherrif is one example of what we should have in place all over the country. 

Scary thoughts and scarier yet if this candidate were to be elected into the highest office in the land! You have only to listen to one of his campaign rallies to hear his hatred for many in our country that he feels are beneath him. And, soon I fear that the groups and friends and even thoughts I have will become a part of  his attack in his campaign of hate.

How much of this statement would be true in this political atmosphere we are in today? 

Provided from http://plusquotes.com 


What do you think?

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