The Little School That Could & Did!


Last night our little private school in the South Mountain Village in South Phoenix, AriZona raised $45,000.00.


Yes, that’s right…the (,) and the (.) are in the correct places! AND we did it all with an old- fashioned Pie Auction… yup, that’s what you are really seeing a Pie Auction, with the old-fashioned auctioneer, our Pastor and a whole lot of pies.


Now, no one who goes there to bid on pies, dinners, and other wonderful items, is deceived. It’s our only fund raiser of the year and it always has been. Last year we raised $35,000.00. Each item starts the bidding at $200.00. The top bid this year (and it turned into a bidding war and those are always the most fun!) Was for a painting by one of our past moms, who is also one of our church members. The painting sold for $1,500.00. It was beautiful… and so is the Spirit of the mom who painted it.

Pleasantview Christian Elementary, a K-4 thru 8th grade private school in South Phoenix has been holding annual pie auctions for almost 3 decades. And I know, because it was the year the Pastor, Butch Bradford, found that 6th graders in the school district he (and many of us) would be putting his own 2 kids into, were unable to write even the most common words and their reading was equally dismal. He made his case to us, his first school parents on a Sunday back in July 1986. Thank God, he found that level of education to be unacceptable! He had a real heart and passion for the South Phoenix area and our children; to provide us with an alternate way to educate our children.


Yup, these are 4 of my grandchildren who are now attending Pleasantview Christian Elementary!

That was way back in 1986 and 30 years later, not only did I find the right school for my kids and many others along the way… but I also found a church family that really loves people and shares the true message of God’s love…and that love has found its way into every fabric of our school. No, we’re not very big, student count wise, annually. But, we’re big on heart, with a desire for the lost to be found (in the body of our church from around our community and beyond)and for educating kids (around our community & beyond)! We’ve taught students from wealthier neighborhoods in North Phoenix and Scottsdale, to poor neighborhoods like ours and everywhere in between. The secret about our neighborhood in South Phoenix and in fact the entire South Mountain Village is that we are so much richer for having Pleasantview Church AND school! And we want to get the message out!

We’ve got a full school for this year and next…there was a day when teachers and students would walk the streets of this community all summer long passing out flyers door to door just to get enough students to keep the doors open for just 1 more year. The funny thing is that there are so many failing schools in our area that the State of Arizona has opened up a voucher system for students who attend a failing school. The parents can take their tax dollars and spend them at the school of their choice…and we have been full ever since! .

We are looking for ways to expand our space to help more of our community and the rest of the Valley of the Sun!

I shared with you that it’s an

old-fashioned pie auction

but it’s also an

old-fashioned school

by the concept of joined classes. In other words, we k4 alone as well as kindergarten. That’s where it stops. 3rd and 4th grades, 5th and 6th grade and 7th and 8th grades (hubby has been this grade teacher since 1993) are all combined.

What do you think?

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