Mystery Tree on I-17 @ Sunset Point, Arizona



Watch this video from TV 12/KPNX news For more than 30 years this tree has been decorated!

This is from Channel 12/KPNX News in Phoenix, AZ on 11/25/15.
🎄It is on the I-17 between Phoenix AZ & Flagstaff at the Sunset Rest Area. 🎄 It is a healthy Juniper tree that every year for the last 30 years has magically been decorated. 🎄 People have tried over the years to capture the person or persons who do this magic. 🎄To date that person has never been caught!

🎄BUT, if you find yourself traveling up (or down) the I-17 in the next couple of weeks, be sure to include a pit stop at the🎄 Sunset Rest area so you can “catch”the magic of the mystery of the decorated tree! 🎄

Happy Reading! Tell me in the Comments what YOU are interested in!


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