Saturday Sunrise in the Sonoran Desert 9/11/15

Saturday Sunrise in the Sonoran Desert 9/11/15




The beautiful colors of the sunrise


All photos taken from my side yard in Phoenix Arizona at the foot of the South Mountain City Park.

All photos taken with my Sansung Galaxy S4 set on top peek performance at 16Mp.

Happy Reading! Tell me in the Comments what YOU are interested in!


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    • I know, huh?…Hubby bought me a digital camera for our wedding anniversary – luck would have it, I had to immediately send it in for a warranty issue but I was going to be really curious how much of a difference I’d see from the S4 to the camera – both supposedly set for 16mp… 🙂

      • Heck – never even got to use it 1 time – it wouldn’t save the pictures to the SD card…talk about a bummer – hubby wasn’t too happy about that…I show by the post office they received in on 9/2/15…they said approx 3 weeks to replace it…we’ll see….ggggrrr 🙂

      • OMG! That’s terrible. I can imagine your frustrations. 3 weeks wait is not the way to treat your customer, it is definitely a manufacturer’s fault.

      • I know and it’s not an expensive camera and not anything near what a “real” photographer would use…my sister is a photographer although she does it just for herself and family…now She’s got a beautiful camera. My hubby just wanted to break me free from my phone and I happen to think that’s really cool…

      • I’m still half hearted whether I should get myself a DSR. It’s so heavy to lug around on my trips overseas plus I always afraid that I’ll drop it or lose it to some robbers. Nothing says more than a tourist with an expensive camera hanging around your neck. Lol!

      • I am SO sorry I missed your comment…I try to cover all my bases and sometimes it just gets away from me.
        All your trips overseas, etc. May I ask where you’re from? And where do you travel overseas?

      • No worries, my dear. I am from Singapore but I live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I traveled all over, just did a two weeks in Austria during August. Used to work in Shanghai for 2 years too! Being in South East Asia definitely an advantage for we are able to do short trips to a lot of countries like Cambodia, Thailand, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Been there far too many times. Lol!

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