One Monsoon Blow with No Go – August 27, 2015


Started out great – as you can see in the video…but for South Mountain Village in Phoenix, AZ – it was a lot of blow with no go…the rest of the town got pretty banged up…roads flooding etc. But, all we were blessed with down here by South Mountain was a few sprinkles AND the great sounds of the wind.  Birds going crazy next door – roosters crowing – It’s a lot of fun right out my front door! O_O

It often happens that way.  We are right up under South Mountain City Park, which is actually the largest City Park within the United States…Many people don’t believe that but square foot for square foot – it is.  And, that mountain will shield and protect us in ways that the openness of much of the rest of the valley does not.

In the Sonoran Desert storms can arise like in any other desert – in years past I’ve shared photos of great Haboobs that have come up over South Mountain and led to 6 mile wide dust storms that has devastated many other areas.  It’s like our own special buffer that kicks the storm or dust up and over our community.

Here’s the post I did in June of 2015 with reference to the July 2014 Haboob that DID hit South Mountain Village…Rolled right over and thru us that one did!


People from other places around the country or even from around the world think of Phoenix and think of HOT…and at several days over 110 degrees this summer – they’re right to think that.  But we get some crazy flooding and obviously some really big dust storms too.

Welcome to life in the little South Mountain Village – I don’t stray from home much anymore, so 99% of the photos I do take, are right from my front door, my back door or my courtyard…I love my little house here…


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