Thankful Thursday for Tiger!


My Kitty Tiger DOB 2001, DOD 2015

It’s been a little more than 2 weeks to write this post.  I was, and still am, so very sad.  Around the end of April, 2015 we realized that Tiger had been ill and not eating or drinking for a few days. And even though we moved his food & water wherever he was laying to try to tempt him, he would not eat or drink. On Sunday May 3, 2015, we lost one of the best things God had given us to personally care for (and him for us).

Christmas of 2001, I told a girlfriend to tell Wil (my hubby) that I wanted a kitten for Christmas. So on Christmas eve day, my loving hubby drove all over the Phoenix metro area and called every shelter and pet store until he finally found one pet store open that had one kitten left.  Wil raced over & in a pet store in Sun City he found this little orange ball of fluff & Tiger was brought in to our lives.  I had never really had a pet before that was all mine.  Had a puppy once, but that didn’t go so well…couldn’t train and couldn’t keep up with her care.

Guardians of the Morning - Tiger & Midnight keeping Guard 01-19-2013

Guardians of the Morning – Tiger & Midnight keeping Guard 01-19-2013

From the very first day, Tiger let us know that we were his people – he was not our cat!  And, for the next 14 years he made every day count & brought delight not only to us but to anyone who visited.  If you sat down on the couch in the living room, Tiger would immediately jump up on the coffee table in front of you and demand to be petted. No one could escape until he was done with you! If I laid down for a nap or even to go to sleep for the night, (I sleep on my side) Tiger would immediately nestle in on top of me and sleep there until I woke up.

Click the Photo to see “The Great Tiger Escape – The Whole Story!


This was from Wordless Wednesday 04/15/2015

This was from Wordless Wednesday 04/15/2015

 When our puppy, Midnight, adopted us 7 years ago, Tiger immediately established the hierarchy of the house.  He became Garfield and Midnight was relegated to the role of Odie.  Talk about fun, loving, and 2 totally different personalities.  I have shared many posts in my blog here of Tiger alone, and Tiger with Midnight…they became the best of friends.  To the point that although Hubby dug a very deep hole in the back yard, Midnight saw him bury Tiger in the hole.  She constantly ran out there & tried to dig Tiger up – she just knew she was lost without her buddy & knew she had to get him out of that hole. Wil finally had to remove some of the dirt, pour bleach in the hole and cover it back over with the dirt.  She’s finally given up trying to get Tiger back.

And this is from my last blog post for Wordless Wednesday 04/22/2015

And this is from my last blog post for Wordless Wednesday 04/22/2015

 But you can tell that she seems a little lost…and truthfully, so am I.  I know no cat could ever replace Tiger – heck, Tiger was a little hellion – He loved nothing better than to snag a small bird & bring it to us as a gift. He would come home mangled from some fight he’d been in, in the neighborhood and we’d doctor him up as best we could.  He always hung in there.  He was the one & only cat I ever knew who was completely house broken – haven’t had a litter box in probably 10-11 years. Kept it around for a while and realized he was no longer using it so we just got rid of it.  He was the ultimate KITTY!

Midnight left alone in Tiger's absence. 05-21-2015

Midnight left alone in Tiger’s absence. 05-21-2015

 I know it’s too soon to get a new kitty, I haven’t really let go of Tiger yet and I know that no other kitty would be my Tiger kitty. But I think in the coming months, I’ll talk to Wil about getting another one to keep Midnight on her toes!


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