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How To Increase Blog Comments & Interaction

Post from Keep Sitting Pretty: Okay I’ve started a blog, but how do I go about increasing blog comments and interaction?

Ever find yourself asking this question? Well I’ve been there!  When I first started blogging with my BFF (on our first blog) we were so excited to start blogging, but then we found ourselves asking that age old blogger question. What’s the point of having a blog if no one is going to visit and interact?  

Well, if you’ve read my About Me page then you’ll know I’m a self proclaimed Googlenista and I put my talent to use when we started blogging 3 years ago.  I found lots of information and tips on how to increase blog interaction and comments via my beloved Google, but only some of it has proven to work for me.

I’m writing this post because I get lots of emails from my fellow bloggettes asking me various questions concerning blogging.  I’m really quite honored and so I wanted to share the information that I give them with my #1 loves, my Glamouristas (if you’re reading this you’re a Glamourista, get excited!).  So here goes, this is what has proven to work the best for me.

1. Comment on other blogs that you like.

This is THE number one unspoken rule.  Commenting on other blogs is almost like a way to announce yourself to the blogging community.  Commenting on other blogs shows others that you are interested in their blogs. It also sparks curiosity in that others will in turn want to know who you are and what you blog about.  Be genuine when you comment, but don’t be shy to ask the blogger to stop by and check your blog out.  

Commenting on blogs allows you to discover new blogs, make new blog friends, as well as gain comments and interaction if your visitors find your blog interesting.  

2. Be interesting.

The best thing I could ever tell anyone about being interesting is to simply be authentic. Be yourself. Talk to your readers and share fun things with them. Tell your story.  Those who are supposed to connect with you will and that’s pretty much that.

3. Join a forum.

Join a website that hosts a forum or a forum that falls in your niche.  If you’re a fashion blogger join a fashion forum, a natural hair blogger, then join a natural hair forum.  If you’re niche is a little more broad say for instance, fashion & lifestyle, join a site like Blog Trends that hosts a forum catering to fashion and lifestyle bloggers.  

Joining a forum will increase interaction because you will be exposed to a big audience that shares similar interests.  Not only will you be exposed, but you can also connect with like minded people who may be able to share helpful information.  You may even just befriend some bloggers in your surround area.  The possibilities are really endless.

4. Ask questions at the end of your posts.

If you’re blogging for the public, then don’t write like you’re blogging for yourself.  Don’t make your posts a one way street.  Let your readers know that you want to know what their opinion is. Let them know that you want to know how they feel. 

The best way is to ask them a targeted question related to the post you are asking the question in. Keep in mind that all posts do not call for questions.

5. Build relationships.

If follow the tips listed above then you should get well acquianted with building relationships not only with your readers, but also with other bloggers.  

Some other fun ways to build relationships include replying to comments on your own blog. If someone leaves you a comment, make a point to reply to it. Show them that you appreciate their comment and would love to interact more.

Another way to build relationships is by joining socila meida networks like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram to name a few.  

If you join twitter another easy and fun way to build relationships is through twitter/blog chats. These chats allow you to connect with others with similar interests at a specific time and week day by tweeting using a hashtag  such as the #beautychat hosted on Wednesdays at 3pm est.

If you have any blog related questions send me an email (here) and I’ll try my best to post the answer for you here.  

***Note – All blog related posts will be tagged “Blogged” and the “Blogged” tag can be found on the right under “Pretty Posts” for those who wish to follow along with the blog tips I share here on the blog!

Until next time Glams…Keep Sitting Pretty

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