Dear Mr. President


Dear Mr. President Barak Obama:

On July 31, 2012 we lost a man who had no fear in speaking his mind and one of his most famous quotes appeared in The Nation: “We are the United States of Amnesia,” he wrote in 2004. “We learn nothing because we remember nothing.”  Gore Vidal

So, here are a few reminders from the much beloved President Franklin Delano Roosevelt:

I don’t know or aspire to President Barak Obama ever seeing this little blog, but my hopes are that someone will and pass it on and on and on…

And, finally, here to my continued embarrassment and confusion is my admission – I am a resident of Arizona, U.S.A. – I love this state with all my heart…but the state’s continued (in my opinion) anti-American stance is not only an embarrassment, but a fear that sits in the pit of my stomach. So, I share here the article from Laurie Robert’s blog “Dekookification panned by right and left”.  Here’s an excerpt from her post:

This may shock some of you who are newer to the state, but the Arizona Legislature wasn’t always the official home of whack jobs and conspiracy theorists.

There was a time when Republicans and Democrats actually worked together on the things that mattered. In those days, pragmatists and problem solvers ran the place, united in the goal of advancing Arizona.

And so we got a landmark groundwater management law, the nation’s first statewide vehicle pollution inspection program and a system of providing health-care for the poor not seen in any statestate before. And we got school reform and tax reform and criminal code reform.

They were the days of Bruce Babbitt and Burton Barr, of Alfredo Gutierrez and Stan Turley. A time when compromise was a goal, not a traitorous act.

“We wanted to take on important issues and make it work,” said the late House Majority Leader Burton Barr, one of this state’s all-time legislative greats.

And to you, Mr. President,

Sincerely and in humble gratitude,

Glenda Pitts


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